About us

Based in Birmingham, England. Skimmer write skewed pop songs. Started back in 1993, when Terry and Kevin, who had previously played in The Sect, teamed up with Terry's then flat-mate Adam. Andy Dickinson came along when they auditioned for drummers, and away they went. Their first single, Better Than Being Alone, was released soon after and got some good reviews, (record of the week in Metal Hammer - wooo!). From there on they've put a whole bunch of records out on Crackle!, Boss Tuneage and Heroic Failure in the UK, Snuffy Smile and Waterslide in Japan, and Junk in America. They've played anywhere and everywhere over the years, with four headlining tours of Japan to date, and have toured and played with the likes of NOFX, The Queers, Lagwagon, Jawbreaker, Teen Idols, Snuff, Rocket From The Crypt, Bracket, Mr T Experience, New Bomb Turks and Bouncing Souls, as well as many other top British, American and Japanese bands. Dark times landed on them in 2004. Having kept the same line-up since day one they were a close-knit bunch of friends and so we were ripped apart in August 04 when out of the blue Andy died suddenly. They were still coming to terms with what had happened when they were asked to do a John Peel session for Radio 1. With a stand-in drummer the session went well but tragically, John died only 4 days later, giving Skimmer the bittersweet honour of recording the last ever John Peel session. In late 2005 Warren Beater joined the Skimmer camp to take over the drum sticks. Linking up with Nigel Clark as producer, (front man with Britpop chart-toppers Dodgy), they then released two new albums I’ll Tell You What (2007) and Self Harmony (2009). Headline tours of Japan, Ireland and the UK followed, along with various support slots around the UK. In 2008 a retrospective double CD 'Smitten', was released by Crackle!.containing all the songs from their out-of-print first 2 albums plus some extra songs. Having returned from a tour of Japan to promote Self Harmony , Skimmer recorded their next album Starting Blocks and this was released in the summer of 2011 and this was followed by a tour of both the UK & Japan in early 2012. In February 2013 they returned to Japan to support The Queers on a tour of the major cities over there and then in late 2013 they released Hang About, their seventh album. This was again followed by headlining tours of the UK and Japan. 2014 was spent writing new material and their next album Baby Dinosaur is planned for release in the middle of 2015. Headlining tours of both the UK and Japan are planned to coincide with the release of the album.