All I Know Is Wrong All I Know Is Wrong All I Know Is Wrong All I Know Is Wrong
All I Know Is Wrong
7" Single
Crackle! Records - CAT 007
Release Date:

1070 copies pressed on black viynl


All I Know Is Wrong - 2:25

I trusted those who placed me here

To guide me through my early years

But all along it was pre-planned

Written off with all my peers

No-one worthy studied here

I couldn’t hope to understand

Now I see how I was given little choice

Here’s your bed, you’d better lie in it

We’ve programmed you for life


I’ve been done, fed with lies

It transpires that all I know is wrong

I’ve worked it out, it’s no surprise

To find that all I know is wrong


Little wonder I was spoiling for a fight

Shown the basics but it’s only a disguise to keep me quiet

Bored Again - 1:42

I won’t entertain your thoughts

More treat them with disdain

My horizons are too broad

I seek further escapades, keep wanting more

Life’s too short, yet you wonder why


When I get bored again I reinvent myself

It’s simple and I know I’ll fool you


If I pause to linger I’ll resent myself I’m sure

I’ll make myself a lifestyle that I’ve never had before

I’m bored again

Sad - 0:50

I paint myself a smile, the contours are pretend

Just the records that I choose on the jukebox as my friends

I’d cry into my beer but I hate the taste of salt

And ale mixed with my tears turns bitter like my thoughts


I hide behind my words, it’s a verbal camouflage

My feelings stay interred, my face is a charade

With all that’s gone before it’s all I’ve ever known

I strive but I’m unsure, I’m sad you’re not around.