Better Than Being Alone Better Than Being Alone Better Than Being Alone Better Than Being Alone
Better Than Being Alone
7" Single
Crackle! Records - CAT 002
Release Date:

33 1/3 RPM 1,100 copies pressed on black vinyl 


Better Than Being Alone - 3:10

Look inside me, I’m the same, my big brown eyes can see your fears

If you’re standing close beside me I could bring you some relief

If you take me as you find me you will find I’ll try to please

It always helps to know there’s someone sharing your beliefs


If you’re feeling tired and lonely and you’re searching for a hand

I can’t make you any promise but I’ll try to understand

If you want someone to talk to I’ll listen all the night

Put myself in your position, try to put things right

Steer a steady line


I could want you

Pin your colours to my ensign and I’ll show you my respect

My faith will always hold me to it

Let you know there’s always something left


It’s better than being alone

Given time we’ll make our chances

Take advantage, get along

Let’s turn to fact our wildest dreams

My life’s too short for disappointments


I could want you

Because it’s better than being alone

Missing Out - 1:36

So long since we were entwined

I hope the intervening period has been kind

Different pressures got too much

I stood so far back waiting that I missed my chances, contemplating

Always hoped we’d stay in touch

Lost my nerve and now I haven’t seen you for years


Missing you, missing out, missing all the fun


Long gone days, special times

That left an imprint on my mind

Now wherever you may be

You’re not alone, and you’re not without me

I’m thinking about you

Wait And See - 3:26

I don’t want to stand on your toes or push you too hard

I might fall on my face or from grace, hoist on my own petard

I’m trying not to make you feel you have to follow me around

I’d soon lose my appeal when you see me flounder on my own


For in the time it takes you to decide

The chances are I’ll have changed my mind


So we’ll play out our game of wait and see

Let the world pass us by quite patiently

Left behind, unbeknown, just you and me

While we leave our frame of mind exposed


I just can’t through when I question you, and you stall me all the while

All I contribute leaves you more confused, the whole exercise futile


And I know it’s cruel when I question you and you think I’m being unkind

But all I’m trying to do is get your point of view

Then I could let myself unwind.

Homeboy - 3:07

Fate throws together strange bed friends

And where one starts another ends in my recent dealings

We had our chance and time would tell

That when it worked it worked quite well

Or so I perceived it

But when our luck ran colder

You’d just shrug your shoulders

Life’s never boring crossing swords with someone new


All those pretentious games you played

Rubbing shoulders, making waves for the sake of outrage

While I contemplated all of the time I wasted

You’d look askance not missing a chance to prove me wrong

Whilst waiting for plaudits which of course would never come


I look around I’m not like anyone

I see no need why I need more foppish friends

That’s where the story ends

Perhaps I’m just a homeboy