Bored Again
Bored Again
7" Single
Junk Records - JR13
Release Date:

Bored Again - 1:42

I won’t entertain your thoughts

More treat them with disdain

My horizons are too broad

I seek further escapades, keep wanting more

Life’s too short, yet you wonder why


When I get bored again I reinvent myself

It’s simple and I know I’ll fool you


If I pause to linger I’ll resent myself I’m sure

I’ll make myself a lifestyle that I’ve never had before

I’m bored again

Wanna Walkaway - 2:56

My arguments are porous yet most times we’re in accord

Must be we sense each others moods

Offer me indulgence and I’ll gladly plead incompetence

Convince you I’m no good

I often try to tell myself that we’d be more than friends

And though we’re only starting I can see it start to end

It could pull you down


In many situations I transgress my limitations

And bare my soul to your deaf ears

The reasons are unclear to me I guess I’ll mess it up again

By always being too near

I plead your reassurance that our friendship shall remain

Precipitate your fears by claiming I will never change

It could pull you down


Should I surmise I’d say you think well of me

Albeit quite misunderstood

Sometimes I contradict myself so badly

I’m unprepared for your rebuts


Sometimes I wanna walkaway

Plumb - 2:03

These days you’re always on my mind

I’ve wasted so much time

Looking for signs I couldn’t read

Hoping that you might be as perfect as you seem

Now you are the one for me

You caught me plumb


It isn’t that I feel aggrieved

In fact I’m rather pleased

There’s no one else I’d rather be

You make me so at ease I can only feel good times

Now you are the one for me

You caught me plumb


I know I’m slow

Show no sagacity, no dash about me

Stoic and cold

I need you to flap about me help me to see

That you are the one for me

You caught me plumb.