UK - Crackle ! CR02 Japan - Snuffy Smile SMILE017
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Better Than Being Alone - 3:10

Look inside me, I’m the same, my big brown eyes can see your fears

If you’re standing close beside me I could bring you some relief

If you take me as you find me you will find I’ll try to please

It always helps to know there’s someone sharing your beliefs


If you’re feeling tired and lonely and you’re searching for a hand

I can’t make you any promise but I’ll try to understand

If you want someone to talk to I’ll listen all the night

Put myself in your position, try to put things right

Steer a steady line


I could want you

Pin your colours to my ensign and I’ll show you my respect

My faith will always hold me to it

Let you know there’s always something left


It’s better than being alone

Given time we’ll make our chances

Take advantage, get along

Let’s turn to fact our wildest dreams

My life’s too short for disappointments


I could want you

Because it’s better than being alone

Sarah's Blanket - 1:24

Sarah’s got no money but she’s happier than me

As she spends her days just lazing with some flotsam on the beach

She’s young and idealistic and I hope she’ll never change

As she scours the land with nothing planned beyond the next few days


She says she’ll soon be coming back

All her world fits in one bag

Donates the blanket off her back to me

And says "You’ll need this when I’m gone"


She’s genuine and true, she’ll do anything for you

Split her last rupees in two, and there’s no point asking

Where she’s going to, for she’s off to pastures new

Where she’ll end up she’s not sure so there’s no point asking

She’s colourful and cool, no-one tells her what to do

She’s my friend and I’m hers too

Now wherever she may be

Sarah’s blanket’s safe with me.

Bored Again - 1:42

I won’t entertain your thoughts

More treat them with disdain

My horizons are too broad

I seek further escapades, keep wanting more

Life’s too short, yet you wonder why


When I get bored again I reinvent myself

It’s simple and I know I’ll fool you


If I pause to linger I’ll resent myself I’m sure

I’ll make myself a lifestyle that I’ve never had before

I’m bored again

Throwaway - 1:58

Time was I’d do anything you’d want me to, I wouldn’t balk

We’d make foolish plans, I’d read your mind with just a glance

No words were sought


I guess I thought if I was strong enough you’d treat me much the same

Instead you saw me as inhibited, giving me no chance to explain


You took liberties, I gave you first priority, you wanted more

Although I fought, my days were numbered (nil to nought)

I felt distraught


I really think you saw your income less disposable than me

A broken toy that you could throw away, give away, cast aside easily


I shed tears for you

Cried tears over you

I still end up feeling immature

Snow - 2:43

Direct me to some other time

A situation not so tense and where you’re standing by my side

I wished you were mine

But circumstances took a hand and made a mockery of my trying


Got dirt on my shoes as the sunset turned grey

Bewildered I lost my way and so

I started to run, got trapped in the snow

Froze all my hopes for us tonight


I was taken for a ride

Kept my feelings to myself, let them bottle up inside

I curse my selfish pride

I never could explain myself for fear of prying eyes


Now it’s gone

You wouldn’t know.

Hanging Out With No One - 2:06

It’s ten to nine and hot tonight and I’m here on my own

I’m taking time out redefining myself as a loner

And you’re not what I’d call fun in any case

So I’m hanging out with no-one


Look around the room well I’m that quiet boy in the corner

Engage me in small talk and I’ll say much less than I oughtta

I’m spiteful and I’d fight you anyday


These days I choose to please no-one

Your views aren’t sound, (ergo) my case is won

I can’t empathise no more and I forgot about you

All about you anyway


Pretend you never saw my face

Don’t call in if you pass this place

There’s nothing left to say and I forgot about you

All about you anyway


I’m hanging out with no-one


I’ve made it clear I’m outta here

I can’t wait to be back home.

Wait And See - 3:26

I don’t want to stand on your toes or push you too hard

I might fall on my face or from grace, hoist on my own petard

I’m trying not to make you feel you have to follow me around

I’d soon lose my appeal when you see me flounder on my own


For in the time it takes you to decide

The chances are I’ll have changed my mind


So we’ll play out our game of wait and see

Let the world pass us by quite patiently

Left behind, unbeknown, just you and me

While we leave our frame of mind exposed


I just can’t through when I question you, and you stall me all the while

All I contribute leaves you more confused, the whole exercise futile


And I know it’s cruel when I question you and you think I’m being unkind

But all I’m trying to do is get your point of view

Then I could let myself unwind.

Unpunk - 1:28

I think I’m easy going but what really makes me sore

Is being denigrated and told that what we’re doing is worthless and old

As if this form of music has less merit just because

It’s fast and short and easy to play

I can even make this line curtailed, ha ha


It’s fun writing songs and drinking lemonade

The truth will out it’s got to be told

I’m stealing riffs from 18 year olds


Retained our independence, we answer to no-one

Make our own decisions, and usually get it wrong


It’s unpunk rewriting songs and drinking lemonade

The truth will out it’s got to be told

I’m stealing riffs from 18 year olds.

Wanna Walkaway - 2:56

My arguments are porous yet most times we’re in accord

Must be we sense each others moods

Offer me indulgence and I’ll gladly plead incompetence

Convince you I’m no good

I often try to tell myself that we’d be more than friends

And though we’re only starting I can see it start to end

It could pull you down


In many situations I transgress my limitations

And bare my soul to your deaf ears

The reasons are unclear to me I guess I’ll mess it up again

By always being too near

I plead your reassurance that our friendship shall remain

Precipitate your fears by claiming I will never change

It could pull you down


Should I surmise I’d say you think well of me

Albeit quite misunderstood

Sometimes I contradict myself so badly

I’m unprepared for your rebuts


Sometimes I wanna walkaway

Uncool - 1:54

I’ve always been the same ever since I was a little child

Easily caught off my guard and constantly beguiled

It’s misinterpreted for I’m not as dumb as I seem

It’s just a guise to prise my way into your jeans


It’s so uncool, making out that I’m a fool

Trying to kid the world that I’m not smart

Now I’m through, what exactly do I do

I always longed to tell you from the start

I might get blown apart


I smile my smile and act as though I’ve never had a care

Underneath I understand but no-one is aware

I’m trying to change my character in ways that you’d perceive

You’d then see the words I’ve written could be written about me.

Go Home - 1:58

Pushed into a corner, no hiding place to go

Leaping from a parapet, no safety net below

Acting like a drama queen auditioning for a show

Cast adrift without a script the words were all my own

So I set the scene when you noticed me

Entered stage right then we left it was the best it’s ever been


I don’t wanna wanna go home

I can’t contemplate it without you


I always knew you wouldn’t need a second chance

My hints were less than subtle and I hoped you’d understand

You read the scene, timed it perfectly

And we rode off into the sunset like two film stars on the screen


I don’t wanna wanna go home

I can’t contemplate it

I’m still trapped in a daydream over you.

Smitten - 1:46


I’m plagued with insecurity I guess I’ll never win

I scare myself I’ll scare you off then blame the state I’m in

When I think I’ve solved my problems my self doubt makes them restart

My creeping paranoia says you’d rather be apart


And I know I’m in deep

When my dreams torment me

Perhaps the fault lies in my chromosomes

And your resolve


So carry on, leave me hanging in mid-air

Let me down and you won’t find me there I’m gone

A paradox

Run your fingers through my hair

You wouldn’t think that I could get so scared


Hold my hand, understand my feelings

Can’t you see just how much I care

You encapsulate all I believe in

Don’t let these words indict me

Just call my name and I’ll be there.

Stay Young - 3:51

This time can last forever

If you redefine your limits, of that I’m sure

I yearn for now each passing dawn

Keep what I’ve got and want for more


So enjoy what you’ve created

Blind ambition’s under rated

Fortune’s calling out and it’s always in my thoughts

I’ll take what’s on the table

It needn’t render me unable

To be everything I used to be, and still can be


Stay young


I find it really crazy

That now is so much better than before

It’s only ‘cause I made it so

Was not prepared to let things go

Untwined - 3:15

Perhaps you saw me getting blase, thought you’d put me in my place

Can’t forget you, won’t forget you, memories that cannot be erased

It’s time you were told, you knocked me out cold

Right from the top, to us falling apart


Drinking to our health around the kitchen table

Singing songs that turned into a requiem

I never realised we were so unstable

It’s all for the best, or so I guessed


I’d bring you roses, and you’d break my heart

Although I’d never keep you waiting on the times we were apart

Life can be cruel but I’ve no regrets

You don’t know but it isn’t over yet

It’s just the start


I’ll win you back in a short time

Stay here patiently waiting, the one you left behind


And it shows, the feelings within me grow

There’s no one I’ll rather be when you come running back to me

So what you’re going to do

Is find the best path leads right here

And we can start anew.

All I Know Is Wrong - 2:25

I trusted those who placed me here

To guide me through my early years

But all along it was pre-planned

Written off with all my peers

No-one worthy studied here

I couldn’t hope to understand

Now I see how I was given little choice

Here’s your bed, you’d better lie in it

We’ve programmed you for life


I’ve been done, fed with lies

It transpires that all I know is wrong

I’ve worked it out, it’s no surprise

To find that all I know is wrong


Little wonder I was spoiling for a fight

Shown the basics but it’s only a disguise to keep me quiet

Plumb - 2:03

These days you’re always on my mind

I’ve wasted so much time

Looking for signs I couldn’t read

Hoping that you might be as perfect as you seem

Now you are the one for me

You caught me plumb


It isn’t that I feel aggrieved

In fact I’m rather pleased

There’s no one else I’d rather be

You make me so at ease I can only feel good times

Now you are the one for me

You caught me plumb


I know I’m slow

Show no sagacity, no dash about me

Stoic and cold

I need you to flap about me help me to see

That you are the one for me

You caught me plumb.

The Last To Know - 2:41

Big questions in my mind, am I wasting precious time

Should I be here, more to the point do I enjoy it?

Is this it or is there more, been here so many times before

If you know things worth striving for I will try it


Seems I’ll be the last to know


It’s turned into a chore, reading signs like semaphore

Is this the fashion of the weak, do I buy it?

Patience is a virtue, sure, but do I need this anymore

You too must have your doubts in truth, don’t deny it


Showing signs of disaffection, it’s my problem, it’s not yours

I ask myself would you suffer, if you believe it, tell me so

Noted for my indecision, is that valid, I’m not sure

Come the time I’m on my uppers, wave me off and let me know

Homeboy - 3:07

Fate throws together strange bedfriends

And where one starts another ends in my recent dealings

We had our chance and time would tell

That when it worked it worked quite well

Or so I perceived it

But when our luck ran colder

You’d just shrug your shoulders

Life’s never boring crossing swords with someone new


All those pretentious games you played

Rubbing shoulders, making waves for the sake of outrage

While I contemplated all of the time I wasted

You’d look askance not missing a chance to prove me wrong

Whilst waiting for plaudits which of course would never come


I look around I’m not like anyone

I see no need why I need more foppish friends

That’s where the story ends

Perhaps I’m just a homeboy


So now I ignore all you say

Do without your mocking ways

And your dubious values, that you misconstrued

I’ll attribute to you

Choosing to keep my distance

It turned out I had good reason


So take your tongue out of my mouth

I’m kissing you goodbye

I’ll leave you still searching another adonis for the night

Carry on searching away in the distance,

Out of my sight

I’ll wave you off and wish you luck

I’m not the jealous type

I wasn’t perfect but I deserved much better.

Missing Out - 1:36

So long since we were entwined

I hope the intervening period has been kind

Different pressures got too much

I stood so far back waiting that I missed my chances, contemplating

Always hoped we’d stay in touch

Lost my nerve and now I haven’t seen you for years


Missing you, missing out, missing all the fun


Long gone days, special times

That left an imprint on my mind

Now wherever you may be

You’re not alone, and you’re not without me

I’m thinking about you

Last Train To Nowhere - 1:54

Pouring with rain, riding on the last train

It’s a quarter to one and I’ve missed my stop

I’m not at my best I’m in no mood for questions

Completely depressed that I’m going nowhere fast


It’s full of strife this punk rock lifestyle

Getting lost and cold

This travel bug would satisfy me more

If I could safely reach my home


Don’t know which line I’m on

My food’s gone cold, my station’s been and gone

Won’t reach home until the morning comes.

2 Sad - 0:50

I paint myself a smile, the contours are pretend

Just the records that I choose on the jukebox as my friends

I’d cry into my beer but I hate the taste of salt

And ale mixed with my tears turns bitter like my thoughts


I hide behind my words, it’s a verbal camouflage

My feelings stay interred, my face is a charade

With all that’s gone before it’s all I’ve ever known

I strive but I’m unsure, I’m sad you’re not around.