Happy Happy Happy Happy
7" Single
Crackle! Records - CAT 005
Release Date:

Throwaway - 1:58

Time was I’d do anything you’d want me to, I wouldn’t balk

We’d make foolish plans, I’d read your mind with just a glance

No words were sought


I guess I thought if I was strong enough you’d treat me much the same

Instead you saw me as inhibited, giving me no chance to explain


You took liberties, I gave you first priority, you wanted more

Although I fought, my days were numbered (nil to nought)

I felt distraught


I really think you saw your income less disposable than me

A broken toy that you could throw away, give away, cast aside easily


I shed tears for you

Cried tears over you

I still end up feeling immature

Snow - 2:43

Direct me to some other time

A situation not so tense and where you’re standing by my side

I wished you were mine

But circumstances took a hand and made a mockery of my trying


Got dirt on my shoes as the sunset turned grey

Bewildered I lost my way and so

I started to run, got trapped in the snow

Froze all my hopes for us tonight


I was taken for a ride

Kept my feelings to myself, let them bottle up inside

I curse my selfish pride

I never could explain myself for fear of prying eyes


Now it’s gone

You wouldn’t know.

Smitten - 1:46


I’m plagued with insecurity I guess I’ll never win

I scare myself I’ll scare you off then blame the state I’m in

When I think I’ve solved my problems my self doubt makes them restart

My creeping paranoia says you’d rather be apart


And I know I’m in deep

When my dreams torment me

Perhaps the fault lies in my chromosomes

And your resolve


So carry on, leave me hanging in mid-air

Let me down and you won’t find me there I’m gone

A paradox

Run your fingers through my hair

You wouldn’t think that I could get so scared


Hold my hand, understand my feelings

Can’t you see just how much I care

You encapsulate all I believe in

Don’t let these words indict me

Just call my name and I’ll be there.

Stay Young - 3:51

This time can last forever

If you redefine your limits, of that I’m sure

I yearn for now each passing dawn

Keep what I’ve got and want for more


So enjoy what you’ve created

Blind ambition’s under rated

Fortune’s calling out and it’s always in my thoughts

I’ll take what’s on the table

It needn’t render me unable

To be everything I used to be, and still can be


Stay young


I find it really crazy

That now is so much better than before

It’s only ‘cause I made it so

Was not prepared to let things go