Japanese Split EP With Samanthas Favourite Japanese Split EP With Samanthas Favourite
Japanese Split EP With Samanthas Favourite
7" Single
Snuffy Smile Snuff-021
Release Date:

Split EP with Japanese band Samantha's Favourite released on Japanese label Snuffy Smile


Black vinyl with fold over sleeve with lyrics and band credits printed inside


Untwined - 3:15

Perhaps you saw me getting blase, thought you’d put me in my place

Can’t forget you, won’t forget you, memories that cannot be erased

It’s time you were told, you knocked me out cold

Right from the top, to us falling apart


Drinking to our health around the kitchen table

Singing songs that turned into a requiem

I never realised we were so unstable

It’s all for the best, or so I guessed


I’d bring you roses, and you’d break my heart

Although I’d never keep you waiting on the times we were apart

Life can be cruel but I’ve no regrets

You don’t know but it isn’t over yet

It’s just the start


I’ll win you back in a short time

Stay here patiently waiting, the one you left behind


And it shows, the feelings within me grow

There’s no one I’ll rather be when you come running back to me

So what you’re going to do

Is find the best path leads right here

And we can start anew.

Last To Know - 2:41

Big questions in my mind, am I wasting precious time

Should I be here, more to the point do I enjoy it?

Is this it or is there more, been here so many times before

If you know things worth striving for I will try it


Seems I’ll be the last to know


It’s turned into a chore, reading signs like semaphore

Is this the fashion of the weak, do I buy it?

Patience is a virtue, sure, but do I need this anymore

You too must have your doubts in truth, don’t deny it


Showing signs of disaffection, it’s my problem, it’s not yours

I ask myself would you suffer, if you believe it, tell me so

Noted for my indecision, is that valid, I’m not sure

Come the time I’m on my uppers, wave me off and let me know