Uncool Uncool Uncool Uncool
7" Single
Crackle! Records - CAT 010
Release Date:

1500 copies pressed on black vinyl


Uncool - 1:54

I’ve always been the same ever since I was a little child

Easily caught off my guard and constantly beguiled

It’s misinterpreted for I’m not as dumb as I seem

It’s just a guise to prise my way into your jeans


It’s so uncool, making out that I’m a fool

Trying to kid the world that I’m not smart

Now I’m through, what exactly do I do

I always longed to tell you from the start

I might get blown apart


I smile my smile and act as though I’ve never had a care

Underneath I understand but no-one is aware

I’m trying to change my character in ways that you’d perceive

You’d then see the words I’ve written could be written about me.

Hanging Out With No One - 2:06

It’s ten to nine and hot tonight and I’m here on my own

I’m taking time out redefining myself as a loner

And you’re not what I’d call fun in any case

So I’m hanging out with no-one


Look around the room well I’m that quiet boy in the corner

Engage me in small talk and I’ll say much less than I oughtta

I’m spiteful and I’d fight you anyday


These days I choose to please no-one

Your views aren’t sound, (ergo) my case is won

I can’t empathise no more and I forgot about you

All about you anyway


Pretend you never saw my face

Don’t call in if you pass this place

There’s nothing left to say and I forgot about you

All about you anyway


I’m hanging out with no-one


I’ve made it clear I’m outta here

I can’t wait to be back home.

Unpunk - 1:28

I think I’m easy going but what really makes me sore

Is being denigrated and told that what we’re doing is worthless and old

As if this form of music has less merit just because

It’s fast and short and easy to play

I can even make this line curtailed, ha ha


It’s fun writing songs and drinking lemonade

The truth will out it’s got to be told

I’m stealing riffs from 18 year olds


Retained our independence, we answer to no-one

Make our own decisions, and usually get it wrong


It’s unpunk rewriting songs and drinking lemonade

The truth will out it’s got to be told

I’m stealing riffs from 18 year olds.

Sarah's Blanket - 1:24

Sarah’s got no money but she’s happier than me

As she spends her days just lazing with some flotsam on the beach

She’s young and idealistic and I hope she’ll never change

As she scours the land with nothing planned beyond the next few days


She says she’ll soon be coming back

All her world fits in one bag

Donates the blanket off her back to me

And says "You’ll need this when I’m gone"


She’s genuine and true, she’ll do anything for you

Split her last rupees in two, and there’s no point asking

Where she’s going to, for she’s off to pastures new

Where she’ll end up she’s not sure so there’s no point asking

She’s colourful and cool, no-one tells her what to do

She’s my friend and I’m hers too

Now wherever she may be

Sarah’s blanket’s safe with me.